Getting Started With Speedify

Welcome to Speedify - the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure livestreaming, video calling, and web browsing.

Our unique channel bonding technology makes it possible to use Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet (and more!) at the same time for up to 95% of their combined throughput. Unlike other connection aggregation solutions (like load balancers) Speedify dynamically spreads individual packets amongst your available internet connections so even large single-socket transfers such as streaming video and uploading and downloading files can be given a major speed boost!

Quick Start Guides

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Speedify works with all major streaming apps and services

Speedify runs in the background and automatically prioritizes streams over other network traffic to help you avoid stuttering, buffering, and disconnects. Our revolutionary Streaming mode dynamically chooses the best way to send and receive traffic over your available internet connections - enabling redundancy when necessary to mitigate network disruptions and latency spikes. 

Whether you livestream for a living or simply join the occasional Zoom Conference, Speedify can provide a more stable and reliable streaming experience.

Navigating the Speedify Interface

  1. Settings: You can click the ☰ icon to manage Settings related to Servers, Sessions, Notifications, and Privacy.
  2. On/Off Switch: This switch can be used to quickly toggle Speedify on and off.
  3. Status: This section shows you what state Speedify is in as well as the server to which you are currently connected. 
  4. Real-Time Graphs: View real-time performance data for each of your connections. Use the toggles to switch between Usage, Latency, and Packet Loss graphs.
  5. Internet Connections: Available Internet connections will automatically appear here. You can click the label to bring up detailed statistics and settings for that connection.
  6. Completed Streams: View past Streams and see how and when Speedify stepped in to help.
  7. Streams: When in Streaming mode, any current real-time streams will appear at the bottom of your Dashboard. The number of Active streams is how many streams Speedify detects right now.  
  8. Statistics: See how much Speedify has helped you with stats like your Top Upload and Download Speeds, Connections Rescued and Captive Portal assists. All stats available for the day (24 hours), month, and all time.