How do I navigate the Speedify interface?

Welcome to Speedify! 

Welcome to Speedify, a new kind of VPN designed from the ground up for speed, security, and reliability. Not only does Speedify encrypt everything you do, it also bonds all your internet connections to give you fast, reliable internet. Better still, it works in the background to keep your internet safe at all times.

Each Internet connection is contained within a connection bubble. You can tap on the bubble to access settings for that connection. Color radiates around Connection Bubbles when they are in use.

  1. Cellular Settings - Access the Settings for the Cellular connection
  2. Wi-Fi Settings - Access the Settings for the Wi-Fi connection 
  3. Connect / Disconnect - This switch can be used to quickly toggle Speedify on and off.
  4. Server/Connection Settings - This section shows the status as well as the server to you are currently connected to. You can click the gear icon to manage Settings related to Servers, Sessions, Notifications, and Privacy. 
  5. Account Settings - This section shows information related to your Speedify plan, like whether you have a Free or Unlimited Plan. Click the account icon to manage settings related to your account, like signing out and upgrading. 
  6. Speed Graph - This graph shows you what Speedify is doing right now. The colored bars represent each connection, and the green line represents the total data being sent and received.
  7. Pane Toggle - You can click the arrow to see more graphs and statistics.
  8. Test Speed Button - Click this to see how well each adapter is performing over the current network, as well as how Speedify is performing.

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