Using Speedify

Welcome to Speedify! 

Speedify is a new kind of mobile VPN designed from the ground up for speed, security and reliability. It not only encrypts everything you do, but also bonds your Wi-Fi and Cellular to give you fast, reliable Internet.

From the main screen you can click the "Bubbles" in the top section to control how Speedify helps you, and you can swipe between the different view panes in the bottom section:

  1. Cellular -  Since Cellular usually has a daily or monthly limit, you'll see the outer circle shrink as the limit is approached.
  2. Wi-Fi - Each Internet connection gets a "bubble." You can click on the bubble to get a lot more information and settings about that connection. 
  3. Connect / Disconnect - This switch can be used to quickly toggle between connected, where Speedify bonds your traffic for you, and disconnected, where your Internet does not go through Speedify. 
  4. Speed Server - This shows which server you're connected to right now. You can click this to select which country's servers, and other connection related settings.
  5. Speed Graph - This graph shows you what Speedify is doing right now. The colored bars represent each connection (Wi-Fi and Cellular), and the white line represents the total sent and received. When the white line goes above the bars, that means you're getting a real speed boost!  
  6. Connection Labels - The colors match both the swatch above and the bars on the graph. You can click the label to bring up the detailed stats and settings for the connection.
  7. Pane Toggle - You can click the arrow, or just swipe to get to see more graphs and statistics.

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