Logging into Speedify

Free Version

When you first install Speedify, it creates a free account that lets you use 1 GB per month for free. You do not need to register or login if you only want to use the free version of Speedify.

Paid Subscriptions

If you have purchased from the App Store or Play Store, you need to register your purchase with a Speedify account to login from other devices. The steps at the following link explain how to create an account from your mobile device:  http://msupport.speedify.com/article/248-how-to-create-an-account-for-speedify-after-buying or if you are trying to restore a purchase the follow link will explain that process: http://msupport.speedify.com/article/290-how-to-restore-a-purchase-on-ios

If, instead, you have purchased through our website or been given a username and password, you will already have an account with an email address and password.  

To start using Speedify click the arrow next to Free Account in the middle of the UI to open your Account menu then click Sign in:


Enter your email address and password from your purchase to change to that account on your device.

If you don't remember your password, there is a Forgot Password option, after you've entered your email address.

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