Connection Settings

By clicking on the internet connections on the main screen, you can see all the settings and statistics on on your connections.

In the green or gray stripe near the top is displayed the current status of this connection, and the connection's current IP address:

  • Online, Bonded - The connection is working, and Speedify is using it.
  • Online, not Connected - The connection has a route to the Internet, and Speedify is attempting to connect on it
  • Online, Sleeping - Speedify is not using the connection, because the other connection(s) are good enough that it's not needed right now.  
  • Disconnected - The connection cannot get to the Internet, so Speedify is not using it.

Connection Priority

  • On/Off: The switch at the top controls whether Speedify can use this internet connection.  Unless there's a special reason to never use a connection, you should just leave it on.
  • Priority: You can configure your connections priority. 
    • ALWAYS - Speedify will always try to use this network when it is available.  Recommended for Internet connections that do not have data caps on them.
    • SECONDARY - Speedify will try not to use this network, but will use it when the ALWAYS connections are being heavily used or slowing down.  This setting is good for connections that have reasonable data caps, as they will be used much less often than the ALWAYS connections.
    • BACKUP - Speedify will not use this network, unless all the ALWAYS and SECONDARY networks are not available.  This setting is good for very expensive connections, which should only be used in emergencies.
  • Settings and Limits

  • Rate Limit:  Sets the maximum speed for this connection.  Off by default, because normally you want to go as fast as you can!  But for expensive internet connections you might want to throttle the speed down, to stop it from using too much data, too fast.
  • Monthly Data Limit: When enabled, you can set a data limit for connections and specify when you want to reset the data limit each month. These options are perfect if you have a set data limit.  Note that it is only measuring data sent while Speedify is connected.  If you do not use Speedify all the time, you may want to set this to lower than your actual data cap.  The "Reset" can either by set to "Last 30 days", in which case Speedify ensures you never exceed the cap in a rolling 30 day period (ie: 30 days before now), or you can set it to a day of the month, to match your carrier's billing period if you know it.
  • Daily Data Limit:  This controls how much data you can use on this connection each day, before Speedify warns you and stops using the connection. 
  • Reset Data Usage:  This resets the usage stats for this connection back to 0.  This means both the monthly and daily stats are set to 0, and the data limits start over.
  • Remove This Adapter:  This button is only available when a connection is disconnected.  It removes all settings and stats for the connection and makes it disappear from the dashboard.  If it is reconnected, it will reappear with default settings, and no usage.

Note that Speedify only tracks data that is sent and received while you are connected to a Speed Server.  You should set these to lower than the actual data cap set by your carrier.

How Priorities Work

The Wi-Fi defaults to a special mode called "Always" which is used whenever it is connected.  The interactions of all of these modes is shown in the following table.  "Congested" means that the Wi-Fi is carrying enough data that it is starting to slow down your Internet traffic:

Priority/Wi-Fi State Not Busy Congested Disconnected
Always Use Use Use
Secondary Don't Use Use Use
Backup Don't Use Don't Use Use
Never Don't Use Don't Use Don't Use

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