How do I manage connections in Speedify? Connection Settings

You can manage the settings for your individual Internet connections by either clicking on their respective "Connection Bubbles" on the Dashboard or by navigating to the desired Internet connection through the main Settings menu.

Connection Detail

  • Color: Allows you to change the color of each adapter individually.
  • IP Address: This option shows you the IP Address and Transport Mode currently being used on this connection.
  • Mean Opinion Score: The MOS or Mean Opinion Score is a standard rating based on latency, jitter, and loss of how well an internet connection will perform for voice calls. 

    The Scale

3 Stars Very Good 4.3-5.0
2.5 Stars Good 4.0-4.3
2 Stars Just Ok 3.6-4.0
1.5 Stars Bad 3.1-3.6
1.0 Star Very Bad 2.6-3.1
0.0 Stars Not Recommended 1.0-2.6

Connection details (expanded)

If you wish to view more information about your connection, you can click on EXPAND and should show you several things.

  • Latency: Also known as ping, latency is the total round-trip time (RTT) from when this connection sends a request to when it receives a response from the server. Lower is better, with values below 80 ms desired for gaming and values above 150 ms resulting in noticeable delays and sluggishness in your internet experience.
  • Jitter: The variability in latency of this connection. A lower value indicates a more stable and consistent connection.
  • Packet Loss: The percentage of data packets recently lost or dropped by this connection. A reliable internet connection typically has little to no packet loss with values above 1% resulting in significantly decreased performance.

Connection Status

  • Online, Connected - The connection is working, and Speedify is using it.
  • Online, Not Connected - The connection has a route to the internet, and Speedify is attempting to connect.
  • Online, Sleeping - Speedify is not using the connection, because the other connection(s) are good enough that it's not needed right now.
  • Disconnected - The connection cannot access the internet, so Speedify is not using it.

Connection Priority

Priority: The priority of a connection determines how and when Speedify should use it.

  • Automatic - Let Speedify manage the connection's priority.
  • Primary - Speedify will always try to use this network when it is available. Recommended for internet connections that do not have data caps on them.
  • Secondary - Speedify will use this connection for occasional speed boosts when the Primary connections are being heavily used or slowing down. This setting is good for connections that have reasonable data caps, as they will be used much less often than the ALWAYS connections.
  • Backup - Speedify will not use this network unless all the Primary and Secondary networks are not available. This setting is good for very expensive connections, which should only be used in emergencies.
  • Never - Speedify will not use this network.

How Priorities Work

By default, Speedify will set Wi-Fi connections to "Primary" and Cellular connections to "Secondary." The interactions of all of these modes are shown in the following table. "Congested" means that the Wi-Fi is carrying enough data that it is starting to slow down your internet traffic:

Priority State Not Busy Congested Disconnected
Primary Use Use Use
Secondary Don't Use Use Use
Backup Don't Use Don't Use Use
Never Don't Use Don't Use Don't Use

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