Settings: Servers

Access the Server menu by tapping on the ☰ icon on the main Speedify Dashboard. This will bring up the general Settings menu, where you will find Servers listed first.

Speedify automatically connects to the best servers for performance. However, you can manually select individual servers around the globe.

  • Fastest Server: By default, Speedify picks the closest Speed Server, which will give you the fastest internet connection. 
  • Torrent Friendly Server: This connects you to a server that allows BitTorrent traffic. These servers are located in Amsterdam and, depending on your location, may be significantly slower than closer servers.
  • Manual selection: You can also select a Speed Server from a specific country; Speedify will show a few countries that you are likely to use, but you can select "more..." to see the complete list of countries. This allows you to experience the internet as if you were in that country. You can drill down using the arrows to the right of the list to see individual cities within a country, as well as servers within a city.

Choose Specific Server: Speedify also allows users to select a specific server within a city. After finding your desired city, click the arrow to the right to expand the list of available servers.

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