How do I control Speedify notifications?

To access Notification Settings, tap on the gear icon in the center of the Dashboard. Then, scroll down to the Notifications menu. 

Hotspot Security Alerts

Warns you if you join an unsecured hotspot while Speedify is not running. Will only warn you about a given hotspot once per 12-hour period.

Daily Reminder

Every day we'll notify you if you are not connected via Speedify. This is to make sure that you have not forgotten that you have disconnected, and maybe unsecured.

Dead Hotspot Alerts

Alerts you if you join a Wi-Fi hotspot that does not have access to the internet. Will only warn you about a given hotspot once per 12 hour period.

(The notifications for exceeding daily or monthly data limits are controlled from the Cellular Connection settings screen.)

Siri Shortcuts (iOS Only)

With the release of Speedify 7.0, we have included a Siri Shortcuts integration, which allows you to streamline common Speedify actions, like connecting or disconnecting. Learn more about Siri Shortcuts  here.

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