How to create an account for Speedify after buying

Here’s a quick guide that will show you how to create an account that you can use to login on other devices.

When you first install Speedify, it creates a free account that is tied to your device, and lets you use 1 GB per month for free. Clicking on the ‘ Upgrade’ button will bring up a few subscription options that you can purchase for Speedify. Selecting a subscription will prompt you to log into your account, for example my Apple ID,  and will ask you to confirm your choice (shown below).

After confirming your purchase you’ll be put back to the main screen where you’ll now need to create an account for yourself. Click on ‘ Accounts’ above the server selection, and click signin. After that enter your email address. This email address will be used as your Speedify login so please double check your email was entered correctly.

Click ‘ Continue’ to proceed to the next screen where you will set a password for your Speedify account. Once you’ve entered your password twice you can click the ‘Create Global Account’ button to complete the registration process.

You should now have a Speedify account that you can use on any device

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