Server Selection

You can tell Speedify how to pick which Speed Server to connect with:

  • Fastest Server: By default, Speedify picks the closest Speed Server, which will give you the fastest Internet connection. 
  • Choose Country: You can also pick to use a Speed Server from a specific country; Speedify will show a few countries that you are likely to use, but you can pick "more..." to see the complete list of countries.  This allows you experience the Internet as if you were in that country.
  • Torrent Friendly Server: The Advanced choice of Connect to P2P Server, connects you to a server which allows BitTorrent traffic.  These servers are located in Amsterdam, and depending on your location, may be significantly slower than closer servers.

Below the server choices in the Session tab is the  Connect at Startup option.  This controls whether Speedify should start itself whenever your device starts.  This will essentially keep you connected to Speedify at all times.  If you wish to manually connect and disconnect, you can turn this setting off.

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