What apps does Speedify work with?

Speedify is a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, that runs in the background and secures all of the other applications on your phone. 

To other apps on your phone, (including built-in apps, like the App Store or Play Store), Speedify seems to be a normal internet connection.

Thus, Speedify works with any apps that use the internet (except other VPNs). Additionally, because Speedify is able to divide your traffic up between connections on a per-packet basis, even single-socket activities, such as streaming movies (like YouTube), uploading to and downloading from cloud storage, and even transferring files via FTP, can be given a speed boost.

Netflix does not allow you to stream movies while connected to Speedify.  However, you can browse through the available films and watch episodes that you have previously downloaded.  

For legal reasons, BitTorrent is not allowed on most of our Speed Servers. There are a few servers on which torrenting is allowed. If you want to download torrents, you can open the Servers screen by clicking on the gear icon. Then, choose the Torrent Friendly Server option. Click the X to return to the main screen, and Speedify will automatically connect to a server that allows torrents:

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