Settings: Session

The Session Settings can be accessed within the Settings menu by clicking on the ☰ icon on the main Dashboard.

Bonding Mode

Speedify defaults to Streaming Mode, but you can change to Redundant Mode or Speed mode instead. What's the difference?

  • Streaming: Speedify maximizes the speed and reliability of your streaming traffic (video calls, audio calls, live streaming, etc.) by intelligently using both bonding and redundant traffic to get the best performance from your available internet connections. This mode can use extra data and battery to help deliver a better streaming experience.
  • Speed: Speedify intelligently distributes your web traffic amongst all available internet connections in order to deliver optimal speed and performance.
  • Redundant: Speedify will operate at the speed of the fastest single internet connection and use additional data in order to deliver an ultra-reliable connection. When using Redundant Mode, each packet gets sent simultaneously over multiple connections and whichever packet gets through first, is the one to be delivered. This mode uses more data and more battery, so most users are better off on Speed mode.

Connect at Startup

This controls whether Speedify should start itself when your device starts. This will essentially keep you connected to Speedify at all times. If you wish to manually connect and disconnect, you can turn this setting off.

Transport Mode

This is an advanced setting, which we recommend leaving on "Auto" unless Customer Support has suggested that you try a different setting. It controls whether the connections to the Speed Server use the TCP or the UDP network protocol. We recommend leaving it on Auto.

Port Forwarding

To use the Port Forwarding features of Speedify, you must have a Speedify for Teams subscription with a Dedicated Server. If you have a regular individual Speedify Unlimited subscription, then you can upgrade your subscription with the help of this link.

Task Swipe

This feature will disconnect your internet when clearing Speedify from the Task List via swipe or Close All.

Multicast Discovery Support

This feature is available for any Android users of Speedify. This feature enables apps to listen for Multi-cast discovery announcements from devices on your network. Note that this also allows apps to send traffic around the VPN if they want to.

Disconnect on Exit

The Disconnect on Exit option will allow you to disconnect to Speedify when closing the Speedify menu or UI.