Can I access computers on my local network?

Many devices, such as Chromecasts, Apple TV, the Roku remote app, streaming audio devices, Network Attached Storage (NAS), and home servers need to talk directly to your phone on the local Wi-Fi network or LAN.  

Luckily, Speedify is smart about this and automatically detects when you are accessing devices on the same local network. It lets apps on your device connect directly without going through Speedify. Any standard Private IP address (192.168.*.*, 10.*.*.*, 172.16-31.*.* or 127.*.*.* in IPv4) will go around Speedify and out the appropriate network connection.

Note that this means data sent and received from local devices will not show up on the Speedify graphs and will not affect your daily usage limits or the amount of Speedify data you have for the month.