How do I avoid going over data caps?

Speedify is here to help you avoid using too much mobile data and getting stuck with a huge bill.

Speedify comes with some smart defaults:  if your cellular connection is limited, it suggests a data cap of 2GB per month, and 200MB per day on your Cellular connection. The cellular is also set to Normal priority. This means that it is used less than the Wi-Fi. When the Cellular connection is set to 'Normal,' Speedify will use the Wi-Fi as long as it fast enough for what you are doing. If it can't keep up, then it will also use some of the Cellular connection for a speed boost or to failover to, should the Wi-Fi stop working.

There are a couple settings that you may want to check are properly set:

Set your Data Limit: First of all, use Speedify's Data Limits. Set a data limit that is lower than your actual monthly cap. You should also set a daily data limit. We recommend starting with a daily limit that's about 10% of your monthly limit. If you can use 2GB per month, then set your daily limit to 200MB. We suggest 10% because there are some days you may use much less data, and there are some days where something important is going on and you need to use a little extra. But the important thing, is that you don't have one or two out of control days where one badly behaved app accidentally uses up your whole month's worth of data.

Note that Speedify only measures data usage while you are connected to a Speed Server. Unless you use Speedify 100% of the time, you should set your Monthly Usage Limit to less than your actual data cap with your carrier.

Set your Priority:  By default, Cellular connections are set to 'Normal.' This is a good middle position, where it's not used when you have a good Wi-Fi connection. You can also set it to Backup, in which case it's used a little less (basically only when the Wi-Fi isn't working at all). Of course, all of this depends on you sometimes having a Wi-Fi connection to use, if you're only on cellular, that's what Speedify is going to use all of the time. 

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