Pair & Share: Pairing and Unpairing

On the dashboard, if you have no paired devices, you can tap on "Start by Pairing a Device" and you will open the Pair & Share menu. Alternatively, you can navigate to it from the Speedify settings accessible via the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the Speedify dashboard. From here, your device will automatically look for any new or already paired devices that are on the same local network.


To pair a device, simply tap on it in the Pair & Share menu under Unpaired Devices and you will be prompted to send a pairing request to that device. Once the pairing request is accepted, the devices can use Pair & Share between each other.


To unpair a device, simply tap on it in the Pair & Share menu under Paired Devices or on the Speedfy dashboard and you will be prompted to unpair that device. Once you confirm, the devices will unpair instantly and Pair & Share will stop between them.

Pair My Devices (Auto Pairing)

Pair My Devices controls whether or not Speedify should automatically pair the device with other devices on your account that are also on the same local network. Teams, Family, Mine will ensure all devices on the same Teams or Family plan that also have this setting will pair with each other as soon as they are discovered on the local network and the same goes for all devices owned by you as long as they are signed in with the same Speedify account. My Devices Only will automatically pair only devices signed in with your specific Speedify account.

To disable automatic pairing, set Pair My Devices to Manual.