How to Manage your Families subscription purchased through Apple?

What is Speedify for Families?

With Speedify for Families, you can share your Speedify account with up to four family members or friends, all for less than the price of two individual Speedify accounts! Your loved ones will get the same great Speedify experience that you have come to depend on—without breaking the bank. 

Managing Users if you purchased through Apple

Please note that if you purchased your Families Subscription through the Apple AppStore,  all subscription management will need to be done through Apple, as they have control over the subscription and its details - this includes the management of Family members as well. 

In case of a Families Plan purchased through Apple, the people that are marked as family in the AppStore will be able to restore the purchase and access the Family plan you purchased. If you need further instructions on how to mark people as Family in the AppStore, you can follow Apple's guide here.

Note: If you purchased your Families Plan through the Speedify Store page, you will be able to follow our Subscription Management guide here.