What is Loss? How does Speedify help?

What is packet loss?

Packet loss, or loss for short, describes packets of data not reaching their destination after being transmitted across a network. Packet loss can occur from network congestion, hardware issues, poor wireless signal or interference, and a number of other factors during data transmission. Packet loss is typically expressed as a percentage of packets lost out of the total that was sent. A user should expect most Internet connections to have almost no packet loss when functioning normally. Values of 0% or close to 0% are normal. High amounts of packet loss indicate a problem with the connection that might cause the connection to be unusable or extremely slow. Even small amounts of packet loss, around 1 - 3%, can have a significant impact on performance and user experience.

How does Speedify help with loss?

Speedify has a number of features that can help to overcome packet loss on an Internet connection. 

1. Speedify attempts to detect and recover lost packets. Often Speedify can recover the packets before the application protocol has noticed the loss. This can lead to improved performance over a lossy network even when just using Speedify with a single Internet connection. Some users using connections with consistent packet loss can see significant speed improvements.

2. Speedify supports multiple VPN transport protocols and will attempt to use the protocol that will perform best with a particular connection. Usually, the TCP Multiple and UDP transports perform best with connections experiencing packet loss.

3. Speedify allows the use of multiple Internet connections. If one connection is suffering from packet loss, Speedify can use a second connection to compensate and give better overall performance.

4. For cases where multiple connections are experiencing loss or high reliability is a must, Speedify offers a Redundant mode to send packets over multiple connections simultaneously and deliver the packet that arrives first. This means that one connection can lose a particular packet, but if it gets through on a different connection, it will still be delivered.

You can try Speedify for free just by installing it, no signup needed: https://speedify.com/download/