What is latency? How does Speedify help?

What is latency?

Latency, also referred to as ping, is an expression of how much time it takes for a data packet to travel from one designated point to another, from you to a website. Most often, latency is measured as a round trip time, the time it takes for a packet to go from your device to a server and then back to your device. Several factors can affect the latency you experience, including the local network type (i.e. Ethernet or Wi-Fi), the Internet connection type (Cable, Cellular, Satellite, etc), network congestion and load, and the distance to the target server. Larger latency values can result in delays and lower performance when accessing the Internet. Latency becomes most noticeable with real time activities, such as video calling, gaming, etc. where the time to get responses can cause lag or delays. Ideally the latency should be as low as possible, but in most cases, latency of 100 ms or lower works well. Once latency starts to climb to 300+ ms, it can have a noticeable impact.

What can Speedify do to help?

While Speedify can't decrease the physical latency of an Internet connection, there are some ways it can help if you are experiencing high latency.

1. Speedify offers several different VPN transport protocols. TCP Multiple and UDP usually perform best on connections with higher latency and can help to maximize the performance you can get from an Internet connection with high latency.

2. With multiple available connections, Speedify will send small amounts of traffic on the lowest latency connection to give the best response time.

3. Speedify can also shift traffic between multiple connections as the latency of each connection varies, so that spikes of latency on one connection won't affect you as much.

4. Speedify offers a Redundant mode to send packets on multiple connections at the same time and delivers the one that gets through first. This can help to minimize the latency across multiple connections, which can be helpful for latency sensitive applications, such as gaming, stock trading, etc.

You can try Speedify for free just by installing it, no signup needed: https://speedify.com/download/