Settings: My Statistics

My Statistics: See how much Speedify has helped you with stats like your Top Upload and Download Speeds, Connections Rescued and Captive Portal assists. All stats available for the day (24 hours), month, and all time. You can access it by tapping on the ☰ on the upper right-hand corner of the Speedify Dashboard and choosing My Statistics.

Under My Statistics, you will see several options.


  • Top Upload Speed: The highest recorded upload speed while running Speedify.
  • Top Download Speed: The highest recorded download speed while running Speedify.


  • Data Encrypted: The total amount of network traffic that Speedify encrypted.


  • Seamless Failovers:The number of times that Speedify saved network connections, such as downloads, streams, or calls, from being dropped during network failure or changes.
  • Captive Portal Assists:The number of times Speedify helped you connect to a Wi-Fi network behind a login screen or captive portal.
  • Streams Completed:Real-time streams, like video calls, VoIP, and live streams, are automatically prioritized and protected, ensuring the best experience.