How can I combine Wi-Fi and cellular on an Android phone?

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that can combine multiple connections on your laptop or smartphone. But more importantly, Speedify detects when one of those connections is weak. Then, it seamlessly transfers your traffic to the other, stronger connection so you never have to deal with dropped calls and interrupted video again. This technology is called Channel Bonding. It’s especially handy if you’re using weaker or over-crowded connections. 
What you Need:
  • Android Phone with mobile data
  • Wi-Fi network or hotspot
To combine connections using Speedify, you’ll need to have at least 2 active connections. So, before getting started, make sure that your Wi-Fi is connected to a hotspot and that your mobile data connection is active.
Step 1. Let’s verify that you have an active mobile data connection on your phone and that you have your data turned on. To do this, swipe down on your notification bar and check that the mobile data toggle is switched on, or go into “ Settings”, tap “ Connections”, and “ Data Usage” and make sure that Mobile data is switched on.

Step 2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. Tap “ Settings” then “ Connections”, then Wi-Fi and flip the switch on. You can then select a network from the list that appears. Be aware that you usually have to enter a password for private networks.

Now it’s time to start combining Wi-Fi and mobile data on your phone! Begin by downloading Speedify from the Google Play Store. When you launch the app, Speedify automatically detects your 2 active connections. You’ll see them contained inside the Connection Bubbles near the top of the Dashboard.
And presto! Now you’re combining connections using the magic of Channel Bonding for faster speeds, better reliability, and air-tight security.