Settings: Privacy

At Speedify, we respect your privacy. If you have questions about our policies, please read our  Privacy Policy. To access Privacy Settings, tap the gear icon on the main Dashboard and scroll down. 

We do not log IP addresses, sites, or data that you send or receive through the Speedify service. 

Internet Kill Switch

(iOS only)  When enabled, all internet traffic will be disabled if Speedify is disconnected, preventing your sensitive data from accidentally going out unencrypted if Speedify can not establish a connection to our Speed Servers. To re-enable internet without Speedify, you must disable this setting.


As a VPN, by default Speedify runs encrypted, securing all of your traffic on its way to and from our Speed Servers. This is what stops your internet service provider or hackers from seeing what you're doing online. Turning encryption off can offer a very small speed boost (3% or so), but we recommend leaving this on to stay safe.

Crash Reports

If Speedify crashes, a report with a "stack trace" and other debugging information is sent to us via either   Crashlytics or Raygun.  These services help us find the source of any bugs so that we can fix them and get a new release out. This feedback loop is very important, and has helped us keep the quality of Speedify high. If you do not wish to participate in this process, you can turn Crash Reports off, and we will no longer be sent any data should Speedify crash on your system.

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