How much battery does Speedify use?

Speedify is very battery efficient.  It carefully turns off radios whenever possible, and minimizes your data usage.

We did detailed testing in the lab, streaming videos, and found that the difference in battery usage between running Speedify and not running Speedify is tiny.  

If you are very concerned about battery life, switching your Cellular connection to "Backup" will avoid the battery usage from delivering speed boosts, while still giving you reliability, failover and ability to change geolocation.  

But there's one more issue: when Speedify is connected, your phone's Settings app will "blame" Speedify for all the Wi-Fi and Cellular usage.  Battery usage is literally moved from your apps and put onto Speedify.  So you may see Speedify using as much as 20 or 40% of your battery, but this is not accurate at all.  What you need to watch is the total effect on your battery life.

Lab Tests

We tested actual battery usage in our lab using Speedify with the latest streaming services such as YouTube and Xfinity On Demand. Using devices ranging from a Samsung Galaxy S4 to the newest iPhone 7 Plus while streaming an entire 30 minute episode of TV in full HD using Xfinity On Demand and watching a 20 - 60 minute YouTube video we have seen increases as low as 1% in battery usage when using Speedify and in some cases a 0% increase when using Speedify. Here are the numbers.

(Our cozy test setup)

In the test, the devices were on an 80 Mbps Wi-Fi network. Using either the Xfinity On Demand app or Youtube they streamed either 30 or 90 minutes of video.  The Wi-Fi was fast enough to stream the videos to the devices at the desired resolution.

The networking software was set to one of three modes:

  • Without Speedify: The device just used the Wi-Fi network
  • Speedify, Cellular Normal: Speedify was running, and the because the Cellular was to Normal, Speedify could use it if it thought the Wi-Fi was getting congested and slowing the video
  • Speedify, Cellular Backup: Speedify was running, with the Cellular set to Backup, which means it could only be used if the Wi-Fi appeared to have failed
Device Test Battery Usage Without Speedify Battery Usage with Speedify, Cellular Normal Battery Usage with Speedify, Cellular Backup Speedify Impact, Cellular Normal Speedify Impact, Cellular Backup
iPhone 7 Plus Xfinity On Demand 30 min 5% 6% 5% -1% 0%
Galaxy S4 Youtube 60 min 23% 24% 23% -1% 0%
iPhone 6 Plus Youtube 60 min 16% 16% 16% 0% 0%

As you see, Speedify uses very little battery, when the Cellular is set to Normal, it uses  around 1% additional power in half an hour of continuous streaming.  When the Cellular is set to Backup, it uses no measurable battery in an hour or less of testing.

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