Android "Write Settings" Permission

Why does Speedify Ask For WRITE_SETTINGS Permission?

In order to maximize battery life, Speedify will disable your mobile data connection when it is not needed. Android users with devices running 6.0 ("Marshmallow") or later may be prompted to enable the WRITE_SETTINGS permission. This permission is required on some devices to control the state of your mobile data connection.  The first time Speedify connects, you might see a dialog like this:

Clicking OK will take you to a system settings screen where you can enable the permission:

On some devices, we have seen issues enabling the "Allow modify system settings" option. Users with the original (2014) Nexus 6 have reported that the setting appears to be enabled, but Speedify continues requesting the permission after connecting. In this case, try togging the permission off/on and reconnecting Speedify.
Please contact support if you experience any issues enabling the "Allow modify system settings" option.
Follow this link for a more detailed discussion of the CHANGE_NETWORK_STATE/WRITE_SETTINGS issue: