How do I login to a WiFi hotspot?

Some Wi-Fi hotspots require you to login before you can access the Internet.  This is often known as a "captive portal". These are common at commercial locations like coffee shops, hotels, trains and airports.

Depending on how it works, Speedify may allow you to sign in, or Speedify may see it as a malfunctioning network, and simply avoid the hotspot. In this case, the spinner next to the Wi-Fi connection will keep spinning, and the Wi-Fi connection will stay grayed out and not connected.  

To get past the login page, you will need to disconnect Speedify to access the login screen.  

  1. Go to Speedify, use the switch at the top right to disconnect.
  2. Launch a web browser and go to an insecure site such as
  3. You should get the "Captive portal" web page.  Agree to the terms and conditions.
  4. Return to Speedify and connect to a Speed Server

Note: Generally logging into the hotspot should give you a day or so of access before you need to log in again.

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