What’s the right VPN for me: Speedify or EdgeWise Connect?

We offer two different VPN products. Speedify is the Swiss Army knife of networking tools, ideal for power users who want control over all their settings and preferences. It is available on all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

EdgeWise Connect, on the other hand, offers one-click connection protection, perfect for everyday users who want a secure and reliable Internet connection without all the bells and whistles of Speedify. Currently, EdgeWise Connect is available only for iOS and Android.

If you’re still unsure, check out the table below for a feature comparison of the two products. Please note, Speedify users cannot use their Speedify account to access EdgeWise Connect; EdgeWise is accessed exclusively through Apple and Google Playstore.

Feature Speedify EdgeWise Connect
Channel Bonding
Bank-Grade Encryption
Free Tier 2 GB of Free Data per Month
3 Hours of Free Usage per Day
Available On iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux iOS, Android
Purchasing Monthly/Yearly Plans from Apple App Store, Google Play, or Speedify.com 30-day or 365-day packages from Apple App Store or Google Playstore
Global Server Selection X
P2P Friendly Servers X
Connection Priority Settings X
Rate Limiting X
Redundant Mode X
Data Plan Protection Settings X
Transport Mode (UDP/TCP) Selection X
Internet Kill Switch X